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Handcrafted Confections for
Special Occasions
At ZumZumZ we are committed to making confections that make taste buds sing; that’s why we only use the best ingredients. All of our confections get their flavor and color from real fruit, spices, herbs, and in-house brewed extracts.

We are just as devoted to creating a feast for the eyes. We wrap our confections in unbleached organic cotton and lace, place them carefully inside a natural
eco-friendly kraft box, and then intricately tie the box with waxed thread in our signature pattern. Customize the look and feel of the favor exactly to your specifications with our Design Library and in-house designers, and give your favors an extra personal touch by adding a message to your guests.

We all deserve zum happiness! Spread the love with our customizable edible favors, gain lots of karma points, and be known for your great taste in confections and gifts for years to come.
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no high fructose corn syrup or GMOs
no dyes or artificial flavors
vegetarian and gluten free options
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